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At Total Pyro we cater for every public event, from Guy Fawkes, Xmas light switch-on’s and  festivals to products launches, village green events and school proms, whatever the size or format we can create a stunning display for you. A popular addition in recent years has been the introduction of music and certainly choreographing the fireworks to a carefully mixed soundtrack can not only astound the audience yet further but also help promote the event around a theme. Split second timing is the key and we have invested in the latest electronic firing systems to allow us to produce awesome effects that ‘dance’ in time with the music.     At Total Pyro, we make organising a Public / Corporate Fireworks Display as easy as 3-2-1 Boom!

As well and the experience, knowledge and hardware to create a spell-binding display, we also take the time to meet with you to discuss all aspects of the event until you are completely happy with the format and logistics, allowing us to put a comprehensive plan place.      Each display includes as standard:

  • Fully trained and experience pyro-technicians
  • £10Mill liability insurance for a Public / Corporate Fireworks Display
  • Liaison with your personal ‘Total Pyro’ event manager
  • Site survey and risk assessment
  • Site Clearance after the event
  • Latest Technology in computerised remote firing systems

On the day of the event we will arrive at the Public / Corporate Fireworks Display in good time, set up your display and be ready to fire when you tell us. Please note that there is an 11pm curfew on fireworks displays in the UK except on November 5th, New Year’s Eve, Diwali and Chinese New Year.

Each display is completely ‘bespoke’ so it would be ridiculous to quote generalised prices as every event is different, but prices start at £750 and , excuse the pun, from there the ‘sky is the limit’! To get a better ider f what can offer take a lookat out video gallery!

If you telephone or e-mail, your enquiry will be dealt with immediately and we will discuss the possibilities, your specific requirements and how we would go about exceeding your expectations!

But if a Professional Fireworks Display is not what you are after and you would rather select for retail fireworks visit our sister site Total Fireworks Ltd

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