Low Noise Fireworks

With more venues requesting low noise fireworks displays, Total Pyro are delighted to be able to offer an array low noise displays, with or without music, in fact it is our specialism! So much so, that much of our time is spent working with venues, farmers, residents and customers to create events that everyone can enjoy!

We work as the nominated supplier of ‘low noise fireworks displays’ at so many venues because everyone can trust that we can produce awesome displays that won’t result in a barrage of issues and complaints. The majority of these venues either never allowed fireworks in the past or have put a stop to them… then we are brought in due to our experience and knowledge to provide solutions.

Using our bespoke low noise fireworks, we can create a spectacular fireworks display that gives you all the impact, intensity and special effects, but without the need for the whistles and bangs. We choreograph the moments of magic that make unforgettable finales just without the BOOM!

Total Pyro - Low Noise Firework Displays
Low Noise ‘Finale’ Display £750 – £2000 £250 per min minimum
Low Noise ‘Musical’ Display £1100 – £2300 £350 per min minimum
Low Noise ‘Pyro Musical’ £1500 – £2800 £450 per min minimum

Whatever your budget, we will create a unique, intense and spectacular display at any event. Satisfying not only the your hunger for a ‘Wham-Bam’ experience to astound and excite any audience but also one that will ensure the venue can enjoy the memorable event without the worry of potential complaints from unhappy neighbours.

Please contact us for further details when we can discuss the in greater details the use of ‘low noise’ displays and how that can dramatically enhance any event from weddings to festivals – we are always available chat about fireworks so don’t hesitate to call/e-mail us if you have any queries.

We can create a ‘Low Noise’ fireworks display from our vast retail stock, so if you wanted to fire a ‘Low Noise’ display yourself it is perfectly possible. Take a few moment to contact our sister company Total Fireworks who will take the time discuss your criteria and then create a ‘Low Noiuse;’ display that you can fire yourself!

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