Indoor Pyrotechnics

Indoor pyrotechnics offer a spectacular addition to any event, they burn ‘cold’, have ‘almost zero fall-out’, and produce very little smoke ‘’ – they are extremely safe! And the effect is incredible, whether firing from pods around the dancefloor or units hidden in centrepieces on the tables, indoor pyro offers a impressive and stunning effect that will surprise and amaze the guests. It is likely that they will have never have seen anything like and will discuss the spectacle for days and weeks afterwards.

They are also a great alternative if a venue will not allow an outdoor fireworks display, and when coupled with confetti, dry-ice, balloons etc… you can enjoy layers and layers of indoor excitement! We can offer an array of products and services, see the packages above, to give your celebrations that little extra sparkle.

These types of effects are generally used to enhance specific moments at an event, from speeches to dances to awards to entrances… the list is endless. If you wish to provide maximum impact at a specific time, adding some ‘WOW’ key moments, these items are ideal – please get in contact to discuss the alternatives in more detail.

Dance Floor Fountains £360
Confetti Canons £250
Centrepiece Fountains £600
Dry Ice & Smoke Machines £300
Celebration Avenue £420
Waterfall £500
Total Pyro - Indoor Displays

We provide indoor ice fountains (like a roman candle showering sparks upwards), waterfall curtains (a shower of sparks cascading downwards) or special stage effects (low cloud, confetti cannons etc). Indoor shows do require more planning than other displays, however our professional technicians will create a safe and breath-taking effect which illuminates the entire room and will amaze your audience.

To add some glitz and glamour to your special event, try Total Pyro’s indoor solutions, click here to see some video of past displays.

And if you have any questins please don’t hesitate to get in contact!

Or if instead you would rather feel the excitement of firing a fireworks display yourself, then get in contact with out sister company Total Fieworks that will create and delivery a bespoke duslay to you.

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