Finale Fireworks Displays

It matters not whether your event is a huge festival or smaller family affair, a professionally fired ‘Finale Fireworks Displays’ is one of the most exciting ways to mark a celebration and brings something magnificent and magical to any event, and all guests can revel in its excitement!

Our ‘Finale’ displays are without music, but provide a stunning and spectacular finale to live long in the memory – if raw firework intensity is what you are looking for, these are the perfect solution!


Our range of Finale Fireworks Displays will add just that extra something you are looking for. Our display packages are just a few examples, the options are almost limitless as we can tailor a display to suit any budget, requirement and style.

Total Pyro packages are versatile for use all year-round and our helpful, friendly staff are ready at the end of the phone or email to answer any questions, every day of the week.

In an effort to provide customers with greater detail over the Finale Fireworks display they could expect, we have designed a video gallery with the website. This will allow people opportunity to not only view many of our recently fired displays but also see what there cost was as well as the duration. Customers can if they would like pick from the video displays if there is one they particularly like but in reality they are there so that the same of levels of intensity that can be expected, for a display with a  comparable budget and duration. Basically put what you are likely to get for your money! These videos also allow customer to identify particular effects that they like and would want to have in their display. So by noting down the specific display title and the time within the video the particular effect occurs, we can pinpoint these and then design the display accordingly. Ensuring that everyone is happy with the end result!

But if firing you own retail fireworks display is what you are looking for, rather that a professional designed display, then please visit our sister company, Total Fireworks.

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