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Wedding Fireworks

Light up the night sky on your wedding day with an amazing fireworks display fired by the professional technicians from Total Pyro. We fire truly amazing displays to ‘wow’ you and your guests, adding that extra special finale to your day. Although we fire many firework displays, our dedicated wedding display service remains our core business throughout the year. Let us help you celebrate your special day with that extra wow factor that only Total Pyro can provide. All prices include a free site visit, risk assessment and full quotation. Do not hesitate to call to discuss all your display requirements.

We are one of the UK’s most popular suppliers of professional wedding firework displays and fireworks displays in general and offer a nationwide service for wedding fireworks displays.  A fireworks display at your wedding is the end to your perfect day and you have already taken the first steps towards it.  With years of experience performing displays for people’s weddings we know better than anyone that nothing says ‘celebration’ more than a spectacular firework display. This web site is intended to guide you through the different options we have available in our wide range of wedding fireworks display packages.  We hope you find it helpful and our friendly staff are ready on phone or email to be of assistance any day of the week

Wedding fireworks displays by Total Pyro are versatile and are used all year round. With a myriad of different packages, effects and budgets, our fireworks displays can be tailored to create an unforgettable event whatever the celebration.. All displays are developed to maximize height, colour and effect, with volleys of mortar shells co-ordinated into each display to create ‘WOW’ moments throughout, but in particular a stunning and spectacular finale.

Our firework displays are designed to meet and exceed our customer’s expectations. Our experience, attention to detail and use of the highest quality pyrotechnics purchased from around the globe, ensure a stunning edition to your event. Whether for a wedding, a public or corporate display, Total Pyro fireworks will produce a fantastic firework display for any event.




With a mixture of rich colour, this fabulous display is concluded with a beautifully elegant finale.

Duration Scope

3-5 mins



A truly deceptive firework package! Don’t be fooled by its low price tag, it packs a punch with all the glitz and glamor

Duration Scope

3-6 mins


An elegant concoction of colour with a fusion of magical shimmer and glitter, all topped off with a beautiful finale aerial burst.


Duration Scope

3-8 mins


Our Sapphire package is  full of colour and amazing pyrotechnics.


Duration Scope

3-10 mins




As its name suggests, it’s a full power glittering areal display – what a beautiful way to top your magical day!

Duration Scope

3-13 mins


The diamond firework display is our premium package. Full of fabulous fireworks  – it’s a sky full of modern art!


Duration Scope

3-15 mins



 From £500

All our displays can be fired as a low noise extravaganza. An elegant concoction of colour and special effects that will amaze your guests with magical wizardry.


We start and finish with what you most desire in a Wedding Fireworks display, then add to the mix our passion and experience. You select the music and we do the rest.

 From £1000

It is easy to get carried away with the image of a long fireworks display to celebrate your wedding – and all our displays have been designed to last extended durations, if required.

However, in our experience, whatever your budget, in most instances 3–5 minutes is the ideal duration – a spectacular and intense finale display that everyone will remember.

 It’s important to note that each of our displays has a specific quantity of fireworks, and the longer the display duration, the less intense it will be; basically, the fireworks will have to be spread over a longer period.Maybe, an easier way of thinking about it in terms of ‘cost per minute’. The starting point is £100 per minute; we can of course fire a display for less than this but to give that professional, magical feel, in our eyes this is where you should start.

Then moving in increments of £50 per minute, the display will become more intense, with more fireworks being fired simultaneously, as well as better quality and more varied products being used as well as a greater number of mortar shells!To give you an example: a person purchasing the Sapphire Display, £1000, and having it run over 10minutes, would roughly see the same kind of intensity as someone purchasing the Amethyst display, £500, and having that run over 5minutes.

But if they both displays were run over 5minutes, the Sapphire would be roughly twice as intense, using better quality of stock and have a lot more mortar shells.Of course we are able to design a show that suits are your requirements and those of the venue… if necessary…..  so please don’t hesitate to contact us, we are very happy to discuss through all the options.




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