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Musical Fireworks Displays

Stoke Place March PyroMusical set to paul mccartney - Live and Let Die

For those unfamiliar with the term “Pyromusical” we hope our explanation proves useful! -A Pyromusical is a Fireworks display that is choreographed to music (Pyro – Fireworks Musical – Music) it’s that simple! The total pyro our Fireworks team has a fantastic reputation in producing some of the most spectacular pyromusical displays in the UK. Pyromusicals are magnificent performances, adding a sense of dynamics and real emotion to a fireworks display or a musical piece.

The fireworks will explode in time to the beat of the music, bursting at the right time and height to your chosen rhythm. The music is professional mixed by our sound team weeks in advanced and picked by you for that extra special touch to your wedding fireworks display. Click here for more info. All fireworks displays can be tailored to your needs and you can choose your display intensity. Also all displays can be turned into a low noise displays made even more spectacular by adding some of our ad ons to your display.

Phyllis court Henley July Pyro-Musical set to Adele - Set fire to the rain

We have produced pyromusical displays to a host of different musical genres and for a wide range of events ranging from wedding fireworks displays through to corporate and national events and many public display, in clubbing 2013 slough fireworks, 2013 harrow fireworks and 2012 stanmore fireworks displays. Examples of some of our more recent work can be seen right here and within our Video portfolio. Why not contact us to see how we can add that extra special dimension to your next fireworks display!

Whether your display is a wedding Fireworks Display, a corporate display or you’re a council that what’s to put on a public fireworks display.  Total Pyro Fireworks will turn your special day into a truly moving and magical day at a superb priced. Skies full of colour that really bring out the true emotions of the day. Captivate you and your guests with a dazzling display of fireworks. Creating cutting edge wedding fireworks displays fit for any occasion, with competitively priced packages, by booking with us you can be assured of unrivalled quality at an honest price. For more information on this please call Total wedding fireworks on 01844 34 33 66 or why not just fill in are very simple form when you click here.




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