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Indoor Pyrotechnics

Indoor effects are fantastic for creating a party atmosphere and add something special to any indoor event. Our wide range of effects including confetti cannons, confetti balloons, fountains and table bombs offer a unique way to surprise and entertain your guests in a unique and spectacular fashion.

Some venues just don't have the space or just simply do not allow outdoor firework displays. Indoor pyrotechnics offer a spectacular solution, they are safe, ‘no fall-out’, ‘cold-burn’ - they produce minimal heat, and give off virtually ‘no-smoke’. To add some glitz and glamour to your special event, try Total Pyro’s indoor solutions, click here to see some video of past displays.

We have many indoor fireworks that can create a host of fantastic effects that we can use at your chosen venue. All our indoor pyrotechnic effects have been used for years in countless indoor venues around the UK. We have been wooing crowds for people at Weddings, parties, theatres and indoor stadiums for the last 15 years. When it comes to indoor pyrotechnic effects and your safety we really do what we are doing. Indoor pyrotechnic effects are a great alternative to an outdoor fireworks display if your venue will not allow a full outdoor fireworks display then pyrotechnic indoor firework displays are the way to go. We can even come into the venue to help negotiate with them, so that they are less concerned and help them with any safety features they may what to put into place.

Dance floor Fountains

Water falls

Celebration Avenue

Fountain Table Centres

Dance floor Fountains. from £300

Water falls. From £300

Celebration Avenue. From £400

Fountain Centres. From £500

Confetti Balloons

Confetti Cannons

Confetti Balloons. From £300

Confetti Cannons. From £250




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