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“Pyro-musicals” are firework displays choreographed to a piece of music or song, adding a new dimension to the audiences experience. The extra emotion and intensity involved in watching a well choreographed pyro-musical is hard to perceive without actually experiencing it live but we have added a selection to our video gallery so please take a look.  The first step is to select the music., this might be current, exciting and innovative track or an old classic that everyone knows and loves… it really doesn’t matter… we will do all the hard work once we know what we are working with. And if you need some help we are always available to give ideas and suggestions to help the process… or simply make the decision for you!

There are two types: Musical Displays and Pyro-Musicals.

Musical Displays: This style of firework display is accompanied by music. The main body of the display is not choreographed to the music but it will start on the first note of the track and ending with a huge finale on the very last beat of the chosen soundtrack.

Total Pyro - Pyro Musical

Choreographed Pyro-musical Displays: The highs and lows throughout the track are synchronised to the music. Fired with split second accuracy mines, shells and barrages and comets all ensure that the fireworks dance to the music – an awesome experience!

At Total Pyro ltd, our Fireworks team has a wonderful reputation in producing spectacular pyro-musical displays. We have choreographed displays to a host of different musical genres and for a wide range of events; from weddings through to corporate, national and public displays. Examples of some of our more recent work can be seen within our Video Gallery.

So if adding a spectacular extra special dimension as a finale to your event is what you are hoping to achieve, look no further – Total Pyro Fireworks will turn any event into a truly moving and magical experience with a choreographed pyro-musical!

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