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‘Low Noise Fireworks – What’s the Point?’

A question that I am regularly asked by prospective brides and grooms… along with ‘What are low noise fireworks?’ and ‘Are low noise Fireworks as spectacular are noisy ones?’ All very valid and worthy questions on a subject that very little has been written about. Hopefully the second and third questions can be dealt with quite quickly by directing you to the video gallery on our website – http://totalpyro.co.uk/home/video-gallery/ where different display formats can be compared – and confirming that it means no bangs or whistles. But our title question needs a bit more investigation: The facts seems to suggest that when looking at the large national and international competition displays, low noise is the way to go… even when a noisy display is permitted, regularly low noise products will make up between 50% and 75% of the display anyway. This is, in the main, because low noise product [...]

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