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Fireworks displays

We specialise in highly creative fireworks extravaganzas!

A fireworks display package,careful selected by you and professionally fired by Total Pryo Fireworks.

These fireworks display packages are just a few examples, and the options are almost limitless. We can tailor a display to suit any budget requirements and style.  Please note that the intensity of any display increases with additional budget and duration. Total Pyro packages are versatile for use all year-round. With a selection of fireworks tailored to major celebrations, with all pieces chosen to maximise effect, height and colour. There are significant highlights co-ordinated in a stunning display with beautiful and unexpected endings. Please click here to get in touch with us.

Total Pyro have often been asked to provide firework displays for, councils and round tables, conferences, events, product launches and other company related functions. Displays can be tailored to incorporate corporate colours and logos. Fireworks are very inspirational and more importantly people gather together to watch them. So the result, from a corporate perspective, can be quite powerful. We currently provide the displays for Harrow fireworks, bista fireworks display, AND ________




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