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4 Events Made a Little More Exciting with Fireworks


Invented in 7th Century China, fireworks have been around for a long time and are a key feature of many national festivities and international events. It’s hard to imagine certain events without fireworks – Guy Fawkes’ night on November 5, being the obvious one, but by no means the biggest or most widely celebrated.


Guy Fawkes night


We celebrate Guy Fawkes night, or bonfire night, to remember the foiling of a plot to blow up the House of Lords in 1605. The so-called ‘Gunpowder Plot’, as every schoolchild knows, was the plot by radicals – including Guy Fawkes – to bring about a Catholic rebellion in England. The plot failed and we’ve been marking the occasion ever since – with a bang! The burning of an effigy of Guy Fawkes is also traditional, although in recent years the historical significance has become less important than the burgers, bonfire and fireworks on the night!


New Year's Eve


New Year just wouldn’t be the same without fireworks and it seems that every year cities such as Sydney strive to put on the greatest show on earth, with spectacular displays over Sydney Harbour Bridge. New Year fireworks displays have become international, big-screen events that seem to get bigger, louder, longer and more innovative, every year, in cities such as Paris, Edinburgh, London, Berlin and San Francisco.


The Olympic Games


The curtain raiser to the Olympic Games, and other big sporting events around the world, such the football World Cup, are now accompanied by fantastic firework displays. The choreographed explosions and multi-coloured fountains of shapes and colours against the night sky are enjoyed by millions around the world. Firework displays are extremely popular in the US on the 4th of July - Independence Day - where they are followed by feasting.


Chinese New Year


Chinese New Year – where it all started – is still an event of colour and sound with fireworks at the heart of the spectacle, which is celebrated between mid January and mid February, every year. It doesn’t matter how often we see a firework display, the noisy and colourful show in the night sky always seems to draw gasps of delight – and cheers!


22 July 2014 Tuesday 1pm

22 July 2014 Tuesday 1pm

Are fireworks the best finale to a wedding event?


When planning your wedding think about the finale. Fireworks have always been a fun way to celebrate so why not have fireworks at a wedding? A wedding is a celebration of the joining of two people and two families so why not celebrate the love they share with a magnificent wedding fireworks display specially designed to represent the bride and groom. When everyone is dancing and having a great time what better way to finish the night than with a fireworks display? Not many people have thought about fireworks at the end of their wedding. Even though fireworks have always represented the end of a celebration such as on the 4th of July and New Year’s Eve, many people forget that a wedding can also be a great place to celebrate with fireworks.


So think about how excited your guest will be when they see your wedding fireworks display on the agenda for the wedding. The kids would be delighted to watch the beautiful display. It would add a bit of elegance and excitement to the end of the night. Fireworks are a perfect way to say thank you for coming to celebrate our nuptials. Wedding fireworks are a great investment for your wedding day. They provide a beautiful display of wonderful colors. You can customize your fireworks display with one of our pyro specialists. There are many different packages to choose from and all within an affordable budget.

Your fireworks display can last from 3-5 minutes all the way up to 10 full minutes based on your budget. There are also add-on’s that you can include in your wedding fireworks display that include such things as heart shells, a remote detonator, the special guest dynamite plunger, color coordinating the display, add extra mortar shells to go off or add that extra special ending to the display for a little bit extra.


So when your planning your wedding or helping someone plan theirs remember that fireworks displays are a great way to end a wedding celebration, show the guests you were glad they came, and signal that it’s time to leave without being rude. Most weddings have a certain amount of time that they can be at their venue, so utilize the fireworks display to tell everyone that the celebration is over and thank you for coming. The guests will love it and you won’t have to worry about someone trying to stay way later than they should at the end of the night.


29 July 2014 Tuesday 1pm

Homemade fireworks in a flat in Derbyshire caused the evacuation of hundreds of people from their homes, police have said.


Controlled explosions were carried out at the property in Newhall, near Swadlincote, after police found "potentially volatile" substances. Police lifted the cordon at about 14:15 so that people who were living within 100 yards of Belvoir Crescent could return home.

A 55-year-old man has been arrested.Police said they were not looking for anyone else in connection with the incident. Derbyshire Constabulary said people living within 100m of Belvoir Crescent in Newhall had been moved to temporary accommodation Supt Paul Callum from Derbyshire Police said it appeared the flat was being used to make fireworks.


"The police attended and it became fairly obvious at an early stage that there was some concern there were some explosives in the address."

He said an Army bomb disposal team had now removed the items from the home. Resident Les Wood said he heard four explosions early on Sunday before he was told to leave his home.


Its not clear why the man was making fireworks in his house yet, only that he was. We at total pyro would never recommend trying to make your own fireworks in any residential premises at all, and do not condone his attempts. However if you are interested in the art of fireworks please don't hesitate to call us and we will be able to point you to the relevant courses. Also if you would like to work with us and learn how to set up fireworks display please contact us for more information.

30 July 2014 Tuesday 1pm

All-In-One Garden Centre fined for illegally selling fireworks


If you are thinking of stocking any of our retail fireworks this year, please make sure the below case is not you. We make sure that every stockiest we partner with follows the laws when it come to selling, handling and storing fireworks. IF you need any advice please contact us as we are happy to help. Unfortunately it is to late for one Manchester based garden centre that was fined £1,545 and ordered to pay £1,100 in costs after pleading guilty to breaching the Consumer Protection Act 1987 at Bury and Rochdale Magistrates' Court on July 22.


The company was part of the Good Guy retailer scheme, which sees businesses sign up to a voluntary code of conduct designed to keep young people safe around Bonfire Night. However, the centre sold fireworks to two volunteers under the age of 18 on October 29 last year.


This breach of the Good Guy scheme saw the retailer's membership immediately revoked and the fireworks seized





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